About us

Since 2007 we have concentrated on the development of differently able students at our centre near Galle in Southern Sri Lanka. In 2011 we were registered on the National Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities under the register number of MSS/NSPD/R/171 and the centre is now called ‘Smile Vocational & Educational Centre for Disabled’.

We aim to provide opportunities for our students to lead happy and fulfilling lives in the community and we encourage students to integrate and develop social skills.

The students of various abilities attend daily from 8.30 am until 4 pm and six dedicated staff teach and support students in 6 separate units. Teaching and training is available for students age 8-30 years 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.

Occupational & Speech Therapy clinics are available on Saturdays.
Financed mainly by an Italian charity, money is also raised locally by selling handicraft items made by the differently abled students.

Our Staff

Our Sinhalese staff hold a variety of qualifications and work closely as a team supported by the project coordinator Ms. Anusha Liyanage. They provide daily classes in special education, computer training, electronics, handicraft, Music/Dance and English.


Socialization in the wider community of those who are differently abled through developing their knowledge, attitudes and skills.


To contribute to the formation of enthusiastic young people to face the challenges they may encounter.


1. Provide a high standard of suitable education & vocational training.
2. To assess, encourage and improve the physical and social abilities of our differently able students.
3. To give opportunities for enjoyable leisure experiences and sport activities in the community.
4. To improve chances of employment through vocational training and guidance by our qualified staff.
5. To ensure home and family are supported while students are attending the centre.


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