Upcoming Events 2014

01. Agricultural Programme in February 2014

Giving knowledge to the students about gardening and practically use the abilities in the centre and house.

Budget Proposal Of The Agricultural Programme

02. New Year Festival Celebration in April 2014

Giving the chance to the differently-abled children in Habaraduwa area to celebrate traditional new year customs and enjoy new year games.

Budget Proposal Of The New Year Festival Celebration

03. Wesak Festival Celebration in May 2014

Organizing a range of events to celebrate the main religious festival of Buddhists such as making wesak lanterns, decorating the centre and observing sil.

Budget Proposal  Of The Wesak Festival Celebration

04. Poson Festival Celebration in June 2014

Smile Centre is organizing a Poson Dansela for the first time in our history.

Budget Proposal Of The Poson Festival Celebration

05. Environmental Tour in July 2014

Visiting a residence for elderly people, cleaning the premises and treating them to tea and donating essential medication.

Budget Proposal Of The Environmental Tour

06. Annual Educational Tour in September 2014

This year we plan to organize a 2 day tour to give an opportunity to our students to visit important and famous places in our country.

Budget Proposal Of The Annual Educational Tour

07. World Children’s Day Celebration in October 2014

Art Workshop– Understanding the skills of art with differently-abled students and improving them practically. This event we proudly organize for about 100 differently-abled students in Galle area for 2 days.

Budget Proposal Of The World Children’s Celebration

08. Christmas Charity Bazaar & Christmas Evening in December 2014

At the Christmas charity bazaar we sell and exhibit our students handicrafts and at Christmas evening they will show their talents by singing, dancing and acting.

Budget Proposal Of The Christmas Charity Bazzar & Christmas Evening
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